The Wine Pilgrim at Sud de France event

My friends at the IWSC have sent me a link to their post on the award-winning wines (from the south of France) at the Sud-de-France annual tasting event, showcasing some amazing wines from this region, including a fantastic chardonnay from Limoux by Paul Mas, which carries subtle notes of toasted brioche, overlayed on fresh peach and melon.  I had the opportunity to taste some other great  wines from this region including another chardonnay from Limoux – the Le Roc blanc(see my separate post), which is both vinified and matured in French oak giving a fuller body and richer notes of vanilla and toasted brioche.

As many of you who are familiar with Languedoc wines will know, the south of France produces some of the wines with the best quality to price ratio you can find. This is because the strict rules that dominate so many of the other key wine-producing regions of France do not apply to many of the wines produced here, which are classified as ‘IGP’ and so do not command the premium prices of AOP wines from other parts of France. However, for me, the biggest revelation from the Sud de France wine tasting was the fact that the AOP wines from this region – and particularly the Limoux chardonnays also provide excellent quality at a very reasonable price.

The IWSC award winning Paul Mas Chardonnay DA (Domaine Astruc) is one example. But so is the La Roc Chardonnay, also from Limoux. If you like elegantly oaked chardonnays with the added bonus of ripe stone fruit and melon as primary notes, then start experimenting with Limoux chardonnays…wherever you may find them! I know I will be looking out.

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